A Ringi Process with Flexibility

Monday, November 22, 2010
Your division's campaign plan is coming together. It's full of exciting original ideas. It's the marketing division's pride and joy. You're about to bring it to a complete...And then someone remembers, "Oh, this proposal was supposed to obtain the sales division's approval in a ringi process."

The truth is that it is difficult to define a workflow that allows you to flexibly change or add routes to a ringi process.

The below workflow should work if you want a flexible ringi process—One in which, say, you can send a ringi-sho from the marketing division to the sales division.

By the way, in this workflow the ringi-sho cannot be sent back from the board of directors, which means that if it is not approved it will be rejected (not returned for revision). This is because as a company it's important to keep a record of rejections, too.