When No One Accepts the Tasks You Request

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Let's say your team has to produce five proposals until the next plan meeting. The theme has already been announced so you sent requests to your team members to create proposals. One or two of the more diligent members send you their drafts for review, but it stops there... And the meeting is the day after tomorrow. You get worried and check the state of the late processes, and notice that they were not even accepted!

It seems your team members were neglecting the offers with the "someone else is bound to accept them" excuse.

One way to improve things is to take responsibility... in this case, admit that you were unclear about who should be in charge. The new workflow "directs" instead of "requests" proposal drafts, and allows the leader to specify the user in charge. When the leader specifies the user, the [2. Submit] task is automatically assigned to him/her.
This way they can no longer be neglected.