For Customer Service Teams with a Variety of Expertise Levels

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
The workflow we proposed yesterday (A Control Tower for Distributing Tasks) can be called a leader-centric workflow. If we apply it to the Situational Leadership Theory, we can see that it might not be optimal for all organizations, because it might hinder the organization's potential to grow. Worst-case-scenario, it might lead to a company that mass-responds to inquiries, yet is full of robot-like members who automatically wait for their "next assigned task." (Not ideal, to say the least.)

So we've come up with an uber-flexible workflow that allows tasks to be either assigned by a leader, voluntarily accepted by a member, or even commissioned from one member to another. This system can support irregular cases, such as if a member decides that his/her colleague is better-equipped to handle the situation and wants to hand it over with additional comments on the history of the customer's inquiry.
This workflow is handy for customer service teams that are good at distributing tasks based on each member's level of proficiency.