Making an Appointment for Daily Briefs

Sunday, November 14, 2010
By "Daily Brief" we mean letting the boss know what you're doing and what problems you are facing each day. This is particularly beneficial for departments where each member works independently (e.g., sales, business planning, R&D, etc.). Writing down what you accomplished today and what you plan to do tomorrow helps you organize your own goals, and reporting this info can lead to helpful advice.

This may be something that doesn't have to be turned into a workflow, but if it automatically appears in every member's task list, it might help remind them to keep their bosses informed. In this workflow each process automatically starts at 9:00am every weekday, to every member. (This is called a Timer Start Event in the international standard BPMN.)

If you want part-time employees to make daily briefs, you may want to try the below system in which supervisors make "appointments" for part-time employee work. Whenever the part-time worker comes in, he/she can check the task and know what the supervisor wants for that day.