Carefully Manage Corrections to Delivered Products with this Workflow

Thursday, December 16, 2010
For contract-based companies, getting that final acceptance receipt is one of the biggest goals. Whether it's web design or system development, some may argue that a major part of our efforts are focused on that final okay.

When considering the overall project it's important to bring the workflow to a completed "acceptance inspection," as we already mentioned in "Settling Specs Between Two Companies." But in reality that final step is not always smooth going. It's often the case that the client requests corrections to the final product in a few places, or 10 places, or 50. In any case it's crucial to clearly understand each correction and get them fixed.

If the inspection staff of the client company can input correction requests directly in a webform (Google Spreadsheet form), the client project manager will most likely be very grateful for the time and trouble saved.

One more way to further cut costs is to use a SaaS BPM or workflow system only while the project is running.