A Workflow that Polishes the Quality of Sales Proposals

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
We know there are a fair number of sales managers who lament how their team's proposals don't seem to improve in quality. So is it the fault of the people or the system?

Simply put, if you keep tweaking the best proposal in your department's history, you are virtually guaranteed to get the best proposal you can possibly get. Have a proposal workflow that everyone in the sales team uses, and you'll have a system that allows team members to exchange ideas and advice, as well as accumulates a database of reusable and searchable proposals.

In reality there are many cases where there is no time to get that peer review done. After all, documents are destined to be completed just before the deadline. So it's realistic to assume there will be times when a member merely registers a proposal that has already been submitted to the client, thus doesn't have to go through the peer review step.