A Workflow for Improving Other Workflows

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
We know that workflow definitions must be worked on in a continuous cycle of improvement. We also know that this is difficult in practice.

The best way to move forward a task that isn't an urgent emergency is to set a deadline. This may be the reason why the fashion industry, mobile phone industry and, let's face it, software industry all set the "2011 model launch date" before they know what the 2011 model is going to be.

For workflow definitions (business process models), including the date in the title or category (e.g., 2011 1Q model) may help to boost revisions and upgrades.

Workflow improvement is, in general, a top-down approach. For example, in this workflow the department head decides the main points for the upgrade, and the details are discussed between the process owner and other members.

If you want to give members the capability of discussing workflow improvement at any time and point, you can make the [Review & Comment] task a stationary task that remains until the period for improvement is over.