Spreadsheet-Plus-Workflow for Managing 10-Plus Responses

Monday, December 13, 2010
There is a huge demand to link Google Docs spreadsheet forms with workflows. This is because it is a great way to deal with a collection of data, from managing customer info to making a list of people coming to the next company party.

Today let's think about communicating with 100 people. You can easily send one question to 100 people with one email, but it would be much better to have them respond to a webform instead of reply to the email directly. Unless, that is, you like having 100 separate emails coming into your in-box, one by one...

With this workflow you can easily tell how many people you have to send a reply to. You can also consult your boss, if need be. Once you get this far you may want to have the option of assigning someone else the task of replying, which is the below workflow.

By the way, see "Submit Your Requests in Our Webform, and We'll Process Them All" on how to write Google Apps scripts.