Application Forms for Reimbursement of Expenses Should be Unequivocally Understandable

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Applying for reimbursement of expenses is one of the four major application workflows. [Reimbursement (travel expenses), HR management (work time), Purchase and procurement, and the Ringi process]

Making application forms easy to understand is vital for smooth processes, and could be even more effective than tweaking the workflow itself. This is especially true when the target audience is large.

What we want to be careful with are the forms for "1. Apply for Reimbursement" and "2. Approve." That is, we want an easily understandable application form that can be correctly inputted even by new employees, and a clear approval form that includes guidelines for appropriate approvals.
By the way, in Questetra BPM Suite you can use a Timer Start Event to automatically add this task to all employees' ToDo lists on, for example, the 25th of every month.