A Workflow for Calmly Handling Defects in Newly Launched Websites

Friday, December 17, 2010
Regardless of how meticulous and intensive preparations and tests are, the moment a new website is launched is a moment of acute emotional tension. It is impossible to create a test environment that is truly 100% identical to the final real environment. This means defects that occur only after actual launch are unavoidable.

The important thing is to handle these defects efficiently, with relevant priority, and calmly.

This workflow starts when testers register a new defect. One problem is that multiple testers may register the same one. In the below workflow the directer confirms each new defect and a notification email is sent to all testers, so redundancies can be avoided. As an additional function, other employees (unintentional testers?) can register issues they find with the website via webform (Google Spreadsheet form).

* This workflow happens to look very much like the workflow in "Carefully Manage Corrections to Delivered Products with this Workflow."