Primary Processes With Lots of Kids (Branching Processes)

Thursday, April 21, 2011
It's easier to understand SFA systems if you understand daily sales activities to be "continuous maintenance of customer information." This is because sales members are constantly collecting data on customer needs and wants, regardless of whether they are new customers or old.
FYR: Building an SFA System INSIDE a BPM System

Using this maintained information in estimate processes, proposal processes, agreement processes, etc., helps to eliminate input. Initiating smaller processes using copied data from the primary process also eliminates careless mistakes and send-backs. When you're not sure whether you will be using all the information, just go ahead and send all the information. The below workflow sample is a contract check workflow.
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1. Input Contract, 2. Approve Contract, 3. Discuss Contract Content, 4. Signature and Seal

[Contract Check <Supervisor Approval>: "Input Contract" screen]

<Process Data Items>
  • Title (User company)
  • String: Department
  • String: Name
  • String: Area Code
  • String: URL
  • String: Tel
  • String: Email
  • String: Address
  • Select: Type of contract (NDA / Outsourcing / Other)
  • Select: Contract template (Customer's / Ours)
  • User: Sales in charge
  • File: Contract file
  • File: Alternate contract file <Task 2>
  • Select: Approve? (Approve / Revise / Cancel) <Task 3>
  • Date: Signed on <Task 4>
  • File: Contract scan image <Task 4>
  • Discussion: Internal comments

This system would allow companies to always know how many contracts are currently pending, their primary negotiators and their statuses. This is extremely beneficial for companies with many contracts and agreements.
The below workflow asks approval from the supervisor before it is sent to the legal team. This is imperative if you want to lighten the burden of the legal team.

1. Input Contract, 1b. Approve, 2. Approve Contract, 3. Discuss Contract Content, 3b. Approve, 4. Signature and Seal

Of course, we recommend the inter-process connectivity of Questetra BPM Suite. (Message Throwing Intermediate Event --> Message Start Event)

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