Is Complaint Management Perfect for Training New Employees?

Friday, April 1, 2011
Today is April Fools Day. (It's true!)
It's also the day that many Japanese companies accept new employees, just graduated from school. (No, we're not kidding!)

Today let's take our previous workflow from "How to Manage Complaints with Cloud Computing" and consider an example for companies that have new employees practice responding to complaints, as part of the orientation and training program.

Tasks: 1. Confirm Complaint/Respond/Send On, 2. Respond, 3. Approve/Revise/Return, 4. Handle Return, 5. Respond by Phone

[Complaint Management <Employee Training>: "3. Approve/Revise/Return" screen]

We'll call the task for new employees, "Create Response." The senior employee, who is in charge of task 1 (Confirm Complaint/Respond/Send On), allocates a complaint to the new employee that she is supervising, and marks "yes" in the "Request Assistant Help" field. So if the supervising employee is passionate, the response might go back and forth many times between junior and senior staff.

The new employee will surely enjoy learning how to handle complaints. (Okay, now we're kidding.)

Tasks: 1. Confirm Complaint/Respond/Assign New Employee, 2. Create Response, 3. Approve/Revise/Return, 4. Handle Return, 5. Respond by Phone