Data Connection Between Equivalent Process Model

Friday, April 22, 2011
What we're doing with BPM is, setup work flows and check out tokens labeled on them.
It looks like, laying railroad track and run a train car on it. Sometimes, one wants to run a car on somebody else's track switching from his own track. (What say???)

For example, Office A gets a lead, then passes office B to carry on the business.
Today we expand "lead-negotiation-order"process,in "Building an SFA System INSIDE a BPM System" sample model, to enable to pass particular case between offices. Each offices (office A,B,C in this model) must apply workflow down here. (detail can be altered by offices)

1. Input Lead Info, 2. 1st Contact, 3. Initial Proposal, 4. Proposals to Decision-Maker, 5. Final Negotiations

[Lead-Negotiation-Order-Trans-Office Connection Flow:
"setup for Message Throwing Intermediate Event"]

<Process Data Items>
  • Title <Company name>
- Customer info -
  • String: User company
  • String: Department of buyer
  • String: Name of buyer
  • String: Phone # of buyer
  • String: Email of buyer
  • String: Area-code of buyer
  • String: URL of buyer
  • String (Text Box multiple lines): Address of buyer 
  • String: Department of contact person
  • String: Name of contact person
  • String: Phone number of contact person
  • String: Email of contact person
  • String: Other info on related parties
  • Select: Selling through partner? (Direct sale / Through partner)
  • String: Billing company
  • String: Department in billing company
  • String: Name of billing company
  • String: Phone # of billing company
  • String: Email of billing company
  • String: Area code of billing company
  • String: URL of billing company
  • String (Text Box multiple lines): Address of billing company
- Contact info -
  • Select: Ignore? (Continue / Ignore) : Only task 2
  • Select: First proposal progress (First loop / First loop (temporary quote) / Proposal to buyer / End / Lead to office B / Lead to office C) : Only task 3
  • Select: Proposal to buyer progress (Proposal to buyer loop / Proposal to buyer loop (quote) / To final proposal / To Initial proposal / End) : Only task 4
  • Select: Final negotiation progress (Final negotiation loop / Final negotiation loop (quote) / Report successful agreement / Report loss of order) : Only task 5
  • User: Sales staff
  • Discussion: Contact records
- Order info -
  • String (Text Box multiple lines): Temporary quote
  • Select: Type of order (SaaS BPM / SaaS CRM / Other)
  • File: Estimate and order data
  • Numetric: Number of user licences
  • Numetric: Discounts
  • Date: Order received on
  • Numetric: First invoice amount
  • Date: First invoice issued on
  • Date: First payment
  • String (Text Box multiple lines): Summary and cautionary points

You may find few difference, but there's a process of "end up with sending message" added after task3"Initial Proposal".
It is a function that call up process model in other office.
In this model, sending a case office A holds as a lead to office B(or C).
(Displays as task 2 "1st contact")

We'd better clearly add a task "2b.Lead pass-over from other office" for future expansion.
To setup handing data from process of 'Message Throwing Intermediate Event(X)' to 'Message Start Event(Y)', simply input IDs of Y into each input areas in property of X ,in "Questetra BPM Suite".
Other details are Here

1. Input Lead Info, 2. 1st Contact, 2b.Lead pass-over from other office, 3. Initial Proposal, 4. Proposals to Decision-Maker, 5. Final Negotiations