Learning BPM Through a Simple Absence Registering Workflow

Monday, April 11, 2011
Registering absences are best handled on Cloud computing workflow systems (SaaS). When an employee can't leave the house because of illness or a cold, he/she can just click a few buttons of a smartphone and let the company know. The boss can approve the registering from outside the office. It'll automatically go to HR and accounting.

If you think BPM is a difficult theory, we suggest you start with a simple business process, like forms for registering absences. (BPM: Business Process Management)

1. Register Absence, 2. Approve Absence, 3. Confirm Absence

[Absence Register <Revise> : "2a. Revise Absence Register" screen]

The above workflow may be simplified too much. One problem we can identify is that the supervisor will be hard put if there is an error with the application sent from the employee.

The below workflow allows the supervisor to send the application back to the employee, and request a revision in the content. Simply, if the supervisor checks "Needs revision," the flow goes to 2a (Revise Absence Register).

1. Register Absence, 2. Approve Absence, 2a. Revise Absence Register, 3. Confirm Absence