Episode 582: Look Back on the Day with a Daily Business Report!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

In the previous post, I introduced you the "Hours-worked report" which even new hires make every day. It has been designed considering input effort to be reduced by devising of initial value and input screen so that reports are made properly every day. Speaking everyday report, the daily report is one of them. Whether it is during the training period or after being assigned, it is an important task for new recruits to report the "works done" and "matters learned" to the superiors or to seniors.

Through the daily report, new hires can learn business etiquette and how to work, and also help them communicate with their boss, seniors or other employees. Above all, the opportunity to look back on the day and organize what you learned or noticed is particularly important to be in the new environment.

[Daily Report]

It is a very simple report flow that automatically starts at 8:30 every morning. Not only new hires but also all employees, a "daily report" task comes on the list of "My Tasks".

It would be alright to input collectively just before leaving, but my recommendation is to input what you did each time as a memo and save it temporally. New recruits will be able to obtain appropriate feedback from their boss and seniors if they describe unclear points, questions, and consultation matters. (Of course, it is better to ask directly when they do not know ...)

It is desirable that you leave the company after completing the report every day, but sometimes you may not be able to or may forget it. In this "daily report flow", a deadline is set so that to be automatically terminated as "unreported" when the time comes. It is different from its original purpose if reporting by recalling events of more than a week ago. In order to avoid becoming "unreported", try to handle it properly while it is in [My Tasks].

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