GPS Recording in Daily Report Process

Monday, October 19, 2015
'Certainly, Sales daily report is "sober reporting work". Yet, it is also a "very significant activities record" at the same time.' (Daily Sales Report Referring to Customer Master Data)

Corresponding to the above previous post, some people gave me a request that 'want to record "GPS information" as well, so that the value of the record would increase'.

Indeed. For example, suppose a salesperson is working in a style which making a report right after a visit using Smart phone. Then, the "Latitude and longitude information" (GPS information) which has been obtained in the Smart Phone ought to be utilized at that time. That "GPS information" will be very useful information as a record for supporting Salespersons. (GPS: Global Positioning System)

"GPS information" has become very easy to use, today. That is, many browsers now have a "function of acquiring GPS information", it is possible to acquire accurate position information even in a PC, not limited to the smartphone. In fact, this function (called "Geolocation") is the most popular function among the new display format "HTML5" (by W3C).

The following is an improved version of 'Daily Sales report' which I have posted before.

The only change is the addition of two buttons in [Input Hint] below the input item of "Activity Detail" (texterea). However, it is very useful.
  • "A button for indicating Google Maps URL"
  • "A button for pasting the indicated URL to texterea"

[Daily Sales Report flow (Geolocation)]

The "GPS information" having a value as a record, it is not limited to "Sales activities".

For example, for operations so-called 'Field engineering', which is to carry out work such as maintenance and inspection repair at customer, it is greatly valuable that the "location" where work has actually carried out is recorded easily. (Also refered to 'Customer support engineer' or ' Service engineer'.)

Or also, it will be easier for activity reporting in the field of "Home visit care" which a Doctor gives a direction of Home visiting. (Also, 'Home helper' or 'Home nursing')

Or else, for "Social worker", "Psychiatric social worker", even more, for "Consultant in general", "Teleworker in general" (Attendance management), in the future for the field of "Emergency medical care", etc. There might be a possibility of being a great value.

In the view of "keeping familiar with GPS information" (with Geolocation), I would like to recommend you to install "two buttons for input support" beneath [String type Data multiple lines].

Setting Sample for [Input Hint] of "Activity Details"
<button type="button" id="geoButton" accesskey="b">Display Current location information(<u>B</u>)</button> 
<br>&rarr; <span id="geoUrl">(Google Map URL will be displayed)</span> 
<button type="button" id="pasteButton" accesskey="g">Add to text area(<u>G</u>)</button>  
<br> (The above URL will be added to the end of the text) 

<script type="text/javascript"> 
  var urlText = "" ; 
  navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(successCallback, errorCallback); 

  function successCallback(position) { 
    urlText += "" ; 
    urlText += position.coords.latitude + "," ; // Destination 
    urlText += position.coords.longitude + "/@"; 
    urlText += position.coords.latitude + "," ; // Displaying center 
    urlText += position.coords.longitude + ",15z"; 
    var linkText = "<a href=\"" + urlText + "\" target=\"_Blank\">" + urlText + "</a>"; 
    jQuery('#geoUrl').html( linkText ); 

  function errorCallback(error) { 
      case 1: 
        urlText = "ERROR: Permission Denied"; 
      case 2: 
        urlText = "ERROR: Position Unavalable"; 
      case 3: 
        urlText = "ERROR: Timeout"; 
    jQuery('#geoUrl').html( urlText ); 

  var copyText = jQuery('#geoUrl').text(); 
  var tmpStr = jQuery('textarea[name="data\\[14\\].input"]').val( ); 
  jQuery('textarea[name="data\\[14\\].input"]').val( tmpStr + "\n" + copyText ); 

[Daily Sales Report flow (Geolocation):"1. Visit Record" screen]

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