Querying External Web-API with Corporation Number

Monday, October 26, 2015
More than 10 years have passed since the technology of "Web-API" attracted attention.

The Web-API, in layman's terms, is "Web server that responds to the data request". * Application Programming Interface

Suppose if, preparing an environment in which anyone can refer / collect the latest information that changes from moment to moment such as "Weather information", "Exchange information", "Stock quotes", "Postal code", "Power usage", at any time hopefully for Free, information systems around the world will evolve more and more. Web-API may be said "foundation technology of data infrastructure".

And the development of "data infrastructure" is the key to develop human society. (It's something like "traffic infrastructure" (roads) that people and vehicles use.)

However, for the time being, there is almost no "useful Web-API" that can be used for free.

In the first place, there is almost no "benefits for the side which continue providing the information". (You can't attach advertisement...) And yet, it must endure against the enormous amount of Requests (+ attacks) from computers around the world. (Even though no doubt that it is "the reason why those are the seeds of new business"...)

December, 2015.
In such situation, Japanese Government (National Tax Agency) is going to start an information reference service for "Corporation Number" (Individual Number Act). It is referred to as "Corporation Number system API". It has two major functions. I want them working hard by all means,(at all costs).
  • A Obtain corporate information by '13-digit number'
  • B Obtain updated corporate information by specifying 'period'
The following Workflow Definition is a mechanism to call "Corporation Number system API" in the middle of the flow.

[Web-API-Corporation Number]

This Workflow Definition is a 'Sample for learning' which merely storing "response in CSV format" into [String type data].

However, by understanding this basic sample, you will become to be able to build various application system. For example, it is possible to automatically detect the information change of a customer by keeping Corporate Number data in "Customer Master". Although It's not a "day of notification of change has been submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau," it will be able to automatically detect the updates such as "company name" or "head office", within a few days.

Note that dummy data has been set as the setting value in this Workflow Definition. That means it won't work just as it is imported. Specifically, 13 characters of the dummy have been set at "Application ID" (an ID which is granted by user registration). In order to actually run it, it is necessary to apply for the service and obtain the "Application ID" on your own / company. (Also, a test server has been registered in "Access URL", so you will need to change it after the formal operation in December 2015.)

Setting sample for [Throwing Request Event]
- Access URL: https://api.cns.houjin-bangou.nta.go.jp/1/num [fixed value] 
- HTTP Method: GET [fixed value] 
- Send parameter:  
-- number: {input value} (8040001999013 has been set as initial value) 
-- type: {input value} (02 [CSV/Unicode] has been set as initial value) 
-- history:{input value} (1 [Includes change history] has been set as initial value) 
-- id: ABcdEFgHijKLm [fixed value] (dummy) 

<Setting screen of Request transmission>

P.S. Questetra BPM Suite also refers to the shared certificate authority of the Government of Japan (ApplicationCA2 Root). (v10.4) Therefore, communication itself with "corporation number system Web-API function" becomes possible. However (unfortunately), it does not correspond to the storage of "response in XML format". Specifically, it cannot store "XML format response" to [String type Data] because external request functionality of Questetra does not assume a "MIME type application / xml response". (Nov. 2nd, 2015, version 10.4). But it shall be corrected very near future.

[Web-API-Corporation Number:"1. Register Corporation Number" screen]

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