Daily Sales Report Referring to Customer Master Data

Monday, October 5, 2015
Certainly, Sales daily report is "sober reporting work". Yet, it is also a "very significant activities record" at the same time.

There is no way of analysis if there was no activity record of the month;
  • when you think looking back at "month that sales were strong",
  • when you think trying to remorse on "month that ended in failure".

For example, suppose if you try to analysis on what and to which client group you have been pushing as the entire Sales department. It will take a considerable time for "decent analytical materials" to be completed, even if you conducted hearings to each member.

The day-to-day Sales daily report, in other words, is important foundation material for considering" the next sales strategy".

To say so, it has no meaning if there were inaccuracies in input of "attribute of the customer" or "customer name" or "activities". On the other hand, if it took time and effort for inputting, it is preposterous. (It really is difficult...)

The following is a "very simple Business Process" which is composed of only "Visit record" and "Superior's comment".

Even though, I say that the excellent point of this is the mechanism of the input support. That is, it allows referring to"Customer Master Data", which is managed centrally on the Workflow platform, for the "customer attributes" and "customer name". Also, it is able to refer to a list of "Basic activities and Concentrative proposal activities" for "Sales activity".

[Daily Sales Report flow]

"Customer Master Data" (XML) that is utilized here, is the data that is managed in the entire Workflow platform.

That means, the list is also utilized for "Estimate flow" or "Billing flow". And the business of managing Customer Master (XML) is assumed to be existing separately.

On the other hand, the list of "Basic activities and Concentrative proposal activities" can be referred only from this Workflow.

To realize the rapid record reporting, day-to-day maintenance would be required. Also, "immediate report" at the site will be realized if the reporting of activity overview to be completed simply by selecting an option.

▼ Sample code of [(Referring to Customer Master)]
<button type="button" id="myButton">Auto-input</button> Master information of selected company

<script type="text/javascript">
  var idStr = jQuery('input[name="data[1].selects"]').val(); // Search Select (id)
  var labelStr = jQuery('input[name="data[1].dummy"]').val(); // Search Select (label)

  jQuery('input[name="data\\[2\\].input"]').val( labelStr );
  jQuery('input[name="data\\[3\\].input"]').val( idStr.substr(7, 13) );
  jQuery('input[name="data\\[4\\].input"]').val( idStr.substr(0, 6) );
  jQuery('input[name="data\\[5\\].input"]').val( idStr.substr(21) );

[Daily Sales Report flow:"1. Visit Record" screen]

[Data Items list]

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