Quote Creation Flow that Refers to Customer Master Data

Monday, September 28, 2015
"Workflow systems" of nowadays have responded very well to the needs of Quote creation.
  • A. Requirement of "Approval" by the supervisor who is in the headquarter
  • B. Requirement of "Paper" document for submitting to "Client" 
That is, not only responding to work on Smartphones, many of Workflow systems are capable of so-called "Document output function". However, furthermore devising will be needed for even such Workflow systems if you want;
  • X. to aggregate by "Salespersons"
  • Y. to aggregate by "Customers"
In short, you cannot expect smooth aggregation if, for example, a site where "fluctuation" would frequently occur upon inputting customer's name. Thus, the following three viewpoints shall be pre-considered.
  • o. Group management on "Quote"
  • x. Group management and ID management on "Salespersons"
  • y. Group management and ID management on "Clients"
In the following workflow, "Customer Master Interlocking Form" is utilized for inputting customer's name. (Search combo-box)

[Quote Creation flow]

In this example, a "Sales activity that begins with Lead handling" is divided into three stages.

  • 1st stage: [Sales Lead] - Confirmation if it goes Progress - [Submission of Estimate]
  • 2nd stage: - Progress extension (Estimate resubmission) - [Quote]
  • 3rd stage: - Negotiation - (Quote resubmission) - [Contract / Lost-contract]

That is, an Issue in which "Estimate PDF" has been registered is the Issue that has finished the 1st stage, and an Issue in which "Quote PDF" has been registered is the Issue that has finished the 2nd stage.

In addition, the information of the customer is specified by referring to "Customer Master data". Please refer to previous articles about Maintenance Operations on Customer Master.
Note that here, it has not been defined jobs of "Indirect departments", such as print-out, signature and mailing. You would be better to connect to these Workflows if they have been defined separately. (Process model connection API)

[Quote Creation flow:"1. Issue Registration - Provisional Quote" screen]

[Data Items list]

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