Episode 583: Process Improvement by Integrating Similar Workflows

Sunday, April 15, 2018
In Japan, half a month has passed since a new fiscal year started, so I guess the new hires are getting used to their new environment.

In the past two weeks, we introduced workflows for "Attendance report flow" and "Daily report flow" oriented (not necessarily) for new employees. If you've "reported" properly every day, I suppose you thoroughly got used to operations of the Workflow platform.
When you compare these two Workflows, you will recognize that they are very similar
  • It is automatically started and appears in [My Tasks] of all employees every morning
  • An employee reports, the boss (a leader) confirms.
  • The deadline has been set and if it is not finished until, it automatically terminates

Even though the contents to be reported are different as "work time" and "work contents" depending on the Workflows, their outlines are almost the same. Then, why don't you put these together?

[Attendance-Work Report]

Based on the "Hours Worked Report" in Episode 581, I made some improvements to make it capable of reporting "work content" as well. With this, it is now possible to report/check "work time" and "work content" of that day in one Workflow! It is now convenient, isn't it?

You can complete a new Workflow in ten minutes or less since the changes are few. It is not a good idea to include too much of this and that in one Workflow definition, but by integrating similar flows, users can complete their reporting with fewer operations. Even though the changes are few, the effect of the improvement will be great if the Workflow is used by many people every day.
(On the other hand, splitting a grand Workflow that is too complicated will lead to big business improvement.)

As you use and operate Workflows every day, it is very important to keep improving them continuously. It is often happening to become easy for the user to use just by changing a Data Item name or adding an explanation. In addition, it is also important to instantly reflect it in the Workflow definition when the business rule changes. Always try to be flexible for modification/improvement according to your organization and users.

<Operating screen: "2. Enter leaving time/work content">

<Data Items list>

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