Accelerate Daily Report Flow with 'HEAT Map'

Monday, September 2, 2013
'Daily Report', which is always indispensable for Sales section or Procurement section.
It is a framework that to summarize the day's results and impressions, and to be submitted to the manager every day. It is a very effective method to share information for certain type of business. It is convenient for who submits the report as well as who leaves comments because they can handle in the daily cycle.

However, in the other hand this Daily Report will not be read by other than the managers. Though it is the precious live information... Though it is the precious record... it is nothing but wasteful.

The following [Interview Report flow], an example of Reporting flow, the frequency of the report is assumed as 'whenever' instead of 'Daily'. So the title of the report will be "AAA.,Inc 20yy. mm, dd" instead of '20yy. mm. dd personnel name'.

By doing this, it will be easy to refer when you search for 'Name of Customer'. When you search for 'Name of Customer' over the whole Workflow system, not only history information stored in [Interview Report flow], you can browse history information also in [Order flow] or [Estimate flow].
It will allow an Accounting personnel to quickly reference contact record of the past when he or she had suspicion on the invoice from the outside. It will allow management to obtain information of time series such as from the initial contact, to Estimation work, Contract processing and to Billing.

[Interview Report flow]

[Interview Report flow:'1.Report for Interview' screen]

I would like to note here, is "to be processed quickly."
The 'Interview Report' should be simple. To maintain reporting, the volume of a report should be as much as 3 to 5 minutes work to complete. Neither the manager does not need to write a long comment. Rather the manager should focus to handle within 24 hours. If there was a manager who would have let the reports of their subordinates to stand for several days, he or she could also affect the motivation and atmosphere of the entire organization.

An effective tool in helping to accelerate the processing, is a visualizing tool to [Progress].

IT engineers call it a 'HEAT Map'. In short, it is a graphical tool similar to thermography that expresses the temperature distribution. It visualizes bottleneck points on the Business Flow Diagram, and you can extract a list of projects that are actually stagnated, by clicking the bottleneck point. We, Questetra, call it "Status Monitoring".

[Status Monitoring screen]

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