Visualizing 'Inquiry Handling' in the Cloud-based Workflow

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Are you capable to answer sufficient information quickly to inquiries through 'Inquiry Form'?

The inquirer may have a 'large anxiety'.
The inquirer may have a 'large expectation'.

You might be able to ensure a certain quality of supporting in 'Inquiry Form' or 'Inquiry Email' by devising procedures in the team, while 'Telephone Support' highly depends on the ability of the person.

In the following setting sample of Business Process, it will start 'Inquiry Response flow' automatically when;
  • a question is submitted through the 'Contact Us form' in the Web page,
  • an email comes in at the email address for Contact Us that has been published here and there.
That is, automatically starting 'Inquiry Handling' by a team.

If the question was simple, the answer is prepared and the operation is completed soon after the Workflow was started. For a higher difficulty level question, only the primary response will be sent and advice request is routed to the R & D department, etc.. In either of the cases, all the inquiry will become obvious about 'Who is taking care of' and 'What state it is in' or 'How it is discussed', by managing the Inquiry Handling in Workflow system. Needless to say, visualizing the "Progress" leads to 'speeding up' and 'raising the quality'.

[Inquiry Response flow]

[Inquiry Response flow: '[1. Accept / Answer] screen'] 

In addition, is also very significant that the history of all correspondence is recorded automatically.
The records of 'How it was handled' in the past, make it possible to discuss 'How it should be improved' from now on. Or, a variety of data could be gathered such as 'Who handled how many', or 'average of How long it took to be answered'. The visualization of "outcomes" will lead to "Improvement of Business Processes" and "Improvement of Business Skills" and "clarifying of goals management".

By the way, sometimes these flows that triggered by the action of external, are categorized in [External Trigger Workflow]. Whatever the "Invoice Processing" or the "Lead management", generally, you should be particular about the quality and required time to the outcomes of the [External Trigger Workflow] (more than "Internal Trigger Workflow" such as expense claim or other requests). Even if the same kind of processing of the same industry, the processing 'To Be' differs depending on the company scale and its management policy, or social environment.

In the coming version 9.7 of Cloud-based Workflow "Questetra", connectivity with Web forms is going to be easier. Though Iwould like you to see for the details in Official Release Information, in short,,, you can start the Workflow *DIRECTRY from the 'Contact Us form' with simple configurations.
*Directry <- You can imagine easily if you have ever used "Google Drive Form".


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