'Timer Start' Workflow Adjusts Your Rhythm of Work

Monday, September 8, 2014
Working passively!?

It sounds so negative expression. However, fundamentally 'works' are categorized into;
  • A. Leader-driven Business Process
  • B. Member-driven Business Process

And there are a lot of Business Steps (Task) that are to be classified to 'A. Leader-driven'. These are the operations which are triggered by the followings.
  • a1. Boss requests the translation of a document.
  • a2. Boss instructs to finalize the Planning paper.
  • a3. Boss assigns the responder of client's inquiry.

On the other hand, triggers to 'B. Member-driven' jobs are as follows.
  • b1. Submitting a Daily report to Boss.
  • b2. Submitting a Decision-making request.
  • b3. Requesting approval on an estimate for a client to Boss

As you imagine, it is easy rather in 'A. Leader-driven', doing the jobs that come falling from the leader. That's the way human beings are.

Now, the following Workflow which is in a sort of 'the job done at a certain time', is neither 'A. Leader-driven' nor 'B. Member-driven'. It is a trigger to be called as 'T. Timer Start'. This comes under so-called 'Routine work'.

In fact, this is very easy. Many people impose tasks to themselves on Mondays or Fridays. After all, issues that are started automatically, would establish a rhythm of work.

[Timed Email-Timer Start]

[Timed Email-Timer Start:'1. Write Email' screen]

It's nothing, but when the time comes, the 'Triggering job' will be assigned. Specifically, a job of;

  To write a message to oneself on next Monday morning (6:00)

will be assigned at 9:00 o'clock in the morning on every Friday. "Timer Start" is placed at the beginning of the Business Processes, and a job of "writing the message" will be set. In addition, the deadline of the work Step is set 9 hours later. So, if not finish writing, it will go Abnormal End.

By the way, it doesn't make any sense discussing about either of 'A. Leader-driven', 'B. Member-driven' or 'T. Timer Start' is righteous. Temps and Part-timers for example, are mostly doing 'passive jobs'. That is, it should be discussed that 'the percentage should be" in accordance with the Job title or the role, or even the personality.

* In addition, it is interesting to consider about the Rhythm of Work variously, over the 4 categories that adding 'O. External Trigger' to the above three.

[Data Items List]

[Start Event Setting screen]

[Task Deadline Setting screen]

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