What is all about 'Full Automation' of Business Process?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Improvement on 'Business efficiency'.
Improvement on 'Business flow'.
Ah? Could 'Business Costs' be reduced to Zero?

In my daily life that thinking about the way how 'Business operations To Be', sometimes I imagine the ultimate of it. Even though it is a very simple idea, but won't it be the ultimate summit, if 'the labor' becomes zero, and so as 'the Costs'?

In fact, there are not only few Business Process in which human processing can be completely eliminated, such as 'Auto-answering to Online Estimate', or 'Auto issuance of Event Participation'. When it comes to 'Stock Trading' or 'Currency Trading', you'll get better result if you leave it to Automated trading system.

However, it is risky to go to completely automation at a jump.

There might be cases to fall into trouble just because it is automated (human could have avoided), for example, because lack of consideration on 'Exceptions', or not assumed 'Malicious use'. Or even, there would be new human trouble cases because not having a good command of automated tools.

The following Workflow, "Internal Reminder", is a Business Process which contains no human processing. (Full automation operations)

It is nothing but just a very rudimentary Business Process that is only to send precautionary email for quarterly fiscal closing date before two weeks in advance. Yes, it is a very tiny Business Process. However! It could be the "Great First-step" for 'an organization which targets and goals is automation as far as possible'.

[Internal Scheduled Reminder]

[Internal Scheduled Reminder; '0a. Mail Body Setting' setting screen]

By the way, there is a different taste if I expressed the term of Automation of Business as 'Business which no longer humans concerning'. Connection operation of the telephone line, ticket gate of the subway, reception of the mail order... Quite many business operations have become human-less.

The Automation;
- contributes to reducing cost.
- allows human to act for the creation of new Additional value.
- triggers the elimination of the information leakage and fraud.

Even though there are various doubts when I asked myself if measures have been either well-conceived for alternatives when the automatic system had stopped. But it is just a Tool... All what important is to get a good command of it. To Know Thyself, first you stare at the Workflow diagram of the current situation, then continue to explore the way of labor-saving and Human-less, little by little.

[Data Items List]

[Start Event Setting screen]

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