How to Create 'Timed Email Transmission System' in 5 Minutes for Non-programmers

Monday, September 1, 2014
Business Flow Diagrams are mainly drawn for the purpose of business improvement of 'Team operation'.

However, jobs done by 'more than one person' are not the only business operation. There exist so many jobs which to be completed by a single person. The following Workflow (Business Flow Diagram) is a Business operation of encouraging "somebody of the future". (What?)

First, let's try encouraging 'yourself of the future'. (Totally, all by yourself...)

The way how, is simple. You just make an email to be delivered to future you. New school term starts from today (Sept. the 1st), if you were a student. Why don't you try sending an email to you, at 9 o'clock in the morning of the day of one week after, writing 'you are ready to recite all of "Addition theorem of trigonometric", now?'

Indeed, drawing a Business Flow Diagram for 'One-man job' is nonsense. Moreover, It almost completely doesn't make sense, if
  • There is no one to explain the Workflow to.
  • There is no one to monitor the progress of the Issues flowing there.
However, please reconsider well...

[Timed Email]

[Timed Email;'1. Write Email' screen]

What is excellent about this work that be completed by 'one-man' is that,

  You can become familiar with creating Business Flow Diagrams without bothering anyone else.

And the more important thing is, you can experience the technology such as

  Building a 'Business system' automatically by precisely drawing a 'Business Flow Diagram'

without bothering anyone else. (You don't need knowledge of Programming.)

Incidentally, among various icons to draw Business Flow Diagram with (BPMN), 'Event icons' of
  • Email Throwing
  • Timer (Sleep)
are used in this example in addition to 'Task icon', which stands for operational steps. By only lining up these two Event icons, you can achieve a system so called "Timed Email". Yes, it is so wonderful, although you wouldn't understand unless you experience it by yourself.
* BPMN: Business Process Model and Notation

By the way, in the following Questetra Samples, the operating screens have customized and initial values have been set in the input fields. I recommend you to import and try.

[Data Items List Screen]

[Free Download]
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