Standardization on 'Proposal Creation' in Workflow

Monday, April 1, 2013
April 1st,,, it's the beginning of new fiscal year in Japan.
Students move up to new school year, new working member of society celebrate their first day, and businessmen set a new goal for the year.

Needless to say, it is a great opportunity to revise 'Business Processes'.
However, it is already April 1st, and I think it is thoughtless that recommending complicated method of business improvement, today. So, I would like to show you easy-to-start digitization of "Reviewing on Proposals", in the following. You can draw a Workflow Diagram in half an hour, and in another half you can bring it running on Workflow system.

When you running this "Reviewing on Proposals", proposals in the team will be visualized steadily.
That is, it visualizes and records "who is writing a proposal of what, whatever pointed out, and how he/she is trying to improve it". Also, it makes easier to write a new proposal when proposal data be accumulated day by day. Simply searching for well-written proposal of the past, and referring to it.

[Proposal flow]

[Proposal flow: "1. Register Proposal" screen]

Just by a glance at the Workflow diagram you will know, this Business Process is really simple even to call it "Business Flow". When a File is registered at [1. Register Proposal], it goes to [2a. Colleague Review] and [2b. Boss Review].

There is a icon that a diamond with a circle in it on its way in the diagram, but you don't have to take it serious.
This icon is called "OR Split", and it means "it may go to one of them or two of them or all of the three". The configuration here, a rule of 'if the member does not designate a colleague at [1. Register Proposal], it will not go to [2a. Colleague Review]' is described. (It always goes to [2b. Boss Review] and to [3. Update Proposal/ Result Report].)
* OR Split: It is called 'Inclusive Gateway' in International standard notation BPMN, well, nobody cares that.

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