Wow! Expense Reimbursement Claim forms Generated Automatically?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
'What should I do this analog feel Expense Reimbursement Claim, somehow...?'

There are many people who 'struggle' with paper receipts once a month.
Taxi fare. Entry fee for the seminar. Stationery money that when the equipment ran out and rushed to the store. Employees enter the price on of the receipts into Excel. And when all the entering is finished, the employee prints it, and signs it, then submits it to the Boss. The Boss vaguely looks over the paper, and signs it, then a person in Accounting Department re-enters the numbers into Excel again. When you think about it, you will find it is quite ridiculous.

Settlement out-of-pocket money, has become a "traditional business" in the company of many.

Reimbursement of out-of-pocket money, has become a "traditional operation" in many companies.
So, there often is a large room for operating efficiency.

However, expense reimbursement operation is also a sensitive operation that is directly linked to handling cash. So-called "the internal control system" is also very important. The result of operating efficiency improvement must not end up with raising the probability of occurrence of fraud or mistake. I say the business process is indescribably profound. Returns on investment in improvement activities is very large, but commensurate BPM skills are required for people in charge of the improving.

The Business Process Sample below has a trick that generates [Expense Reimbursement Claim Form.pdf] automatically in the middle of the Workflow.

[Expense Claim flow-Form Auto-Generation]

[Expense Claim flow-Form Auto-Generation: '1. Claim the Expense' screen]

[Auto-Generated PDF file]

In this Workflow example, 'Expense Claim Form PDF' will be generated after final confirmation by the Accounting.
Staff of the Accounting will print out the generated 'Expense Claim Form PDF', and stick the receipts on the back of the form. Authenticity documents that can be submitted at the time of the audit will be completed immediately. And also deliberate back date documents (past dated) can not be created, because the date and time minutes that the "approval by the Boss" has been carried out are recorded the automatically.

In addition, a copy of 'Expense Claim Form PDF' will be sent to the claimer as well. Auto-transmission of PDF file in email attachment is set.

By the way, if you want to aim further enhancement of the internal control based on this workflow example, it is better to strengthen the mutual supervision in accordance with the amount of claimed. That is, when the claimed amount is greater than a certain amount, a check of the staff other than the Boss will be yet required. Fraud detection by computer never can be better than mutual supervision among human beings at all.

Although it has nothing to do with Workflow itself, it is also important to reduce the "amount of claim". It is because dealing with analog object "paper receipts", reduction of the claim record number will contribute to the overall efficiency significantly.

I'd like to actively promote those;
  • Supply credit cards of company name to the employees,
  • To get invoiced as much as possible and pay by transfer from the Accounting.

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