Inquiry Support, 'Model Sentence' is Important, Advices from Surrounding is More

Monday, April 22, 2013
When you have succeeded "Cloud Computing" of the Workflow, you surely will want to make "Workflow for email queries corresponding" as well.

The reasons are simple.
  • Can correspond from anywhere. (When you are out or at home)
  • Can grasp who is corresponding (The point of view of real-time monitoring)
  • Can find where the bottleneck is (The point of view of performance aggregation)

However, when you run the Workflow in practice, you will notice that "flow of obtaining advice from internal" is more important than "flow of assigning respondent".
That is for example, if queried "Is the server down?", the contact person doesn't even know about it. Also, when an inquiry comes saying "I want to ask something technical about...", the contact person has absolutely no choice to seek advice from the technical department. And how soon you can respond to queries of this kind will affect the reliability of the company.

The following Workflow, "Query Response Operation flow" is enclosed a very simple "Advice Request flow". It is very excellent.

[Query Response Operation flow]

[Query Response Operation flow '1. Reply Sentence' screen]

What this Workflow is excellent is, parallel processing of [2. Giving Advice] and [3. Reply sentence with Advice]. Suppose if the designated advisor was too busy to give an advice, the contact person can submit a reply email without waiting for the advice (managing somehow by one's self, or as the primary answering). Then, when processing an artifact as a so-called "Primary Answer", the contact person can leave "Secondary Answer task" retained explicitly by starting "Manual Start (including [Start a new Process with these data] again.

In addition, if you work with "in-house SNS", advice would come also from the people other than requested. If the company is that a large number of employees always logged-in in-house SNS to do the daily work, advice will come immediately to help the contact person.

Operational efficiency will be increased drastically by "Cloud computing".


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