Age of Cloud-based Workflow Capable of Running Even a Core System of 1 Million Dollar Worth

Monday, April 8, 2013
The Workflow template of last week (*) was very simple.
In its recoil, the Workflow template of this time is very complicated.
* Standardization on 'Proposal Creation' in Workflow

"Questetra BPM Suite", a Cloud-based Workflow, is of course categorized in product type of 'Workflow System', but on the other hand, it is a 'Business Process Management System'(BPMS) as well.

A 'Business Process Management System'(BPMS) is a tool to help 'Business Process Management Activity'(BPM Activity, a Management concept of continuous improvement of the Workflow). It is characterized a Business System would be ready automatically by drawing Business Process with Drag & Drop. What is epoch-making of it, is that managers of the frontline or general workers (system users) can improve the Business Process by themselves. You may call it a "Magic Tool".

The Workflow Diagram below represents so-called 'the Core Business Process'.
Begins with [Order acceptance] by sales personnel, ends at [Settlement Confirmation] by Management department. Using a BPMS, such a Business Process can be systemize in an instant.

However, it is a wide variety of business by its industry, categories, company size or company culture, even speaking in short that from 'Orders' throughout 'Service Providing' to 'Billing' and 'Payment Confirmation'. Also, the business Process to be is ever-changing in accordance with the changes in the business environment. In the coming age, it is important "to continue to change the system", rather than "to make a good system".

  • Simple business manual is written on each of the processing screen.
  • In the important working process an alert will be sent by email also.
  • The total value of during particular input is complemented by automatic calculation.
  • PDF invoice which business data is inserted is generated automatically.
  • The next Billing Process is reserved if the same type invoice will be also issued in the next month.
  • Quote data will be carried over automatically from the Quotation Process.
  • Online sales data is automatically captured.

[Orders-Operation-Bill Issuance]

[Orders-Operation-Bill Issuance: "1c. New orders" screen]

[Automatically generated PDF]

By the way...
Suppose if you order this Core System as a 'Custom-made Web System', how much would it cost?
SIer companies would give you various estimates. Realistic speaking, just for the application it might cost 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 JPY. Particularly "PDF automatic generation " and "Reservation of next month business" might be troublesome. Also, "Online sales (cooperation with PayPal)" will affect the maintenance costs. For a 20,000,000 JPY application, it would cost 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 JPY for the maintenance costs since the following year.
Moreover, if you require complicated function such as 'capable to add any data item of any data type after operation', the estimated cost will jump up immediately. It might cost 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 JPY.

Forget about the money, still it would take 6 months at least, at most a year for the"Development Project".

If you download and import a Business Processes template, such an expensive "Core System" would be completed in 10 minutes. The world has become frightening somehow. Actually, the "future" of the SI industry is only in the BPMS.
(Process Templates that can be downloaded in the following are dedicated to Questetra BPM Suite only.)

In addition, if I would try to explain the details of this Template, it takes a whole day and night.
I mean if you actually try to use it, I need to explain about each of almost 70 data items what they are for.
However, if you look at the printing of this Business Process Diagram, you will understand an overview of Core Business.
Even if you don't have the manuals, even if you don't know about BPMN, the International standard Notation, you will understand gradually. Yes, that is the greatness of Workflow Diagram.

(Rumor says, this is actual "SaaS License Issuing Operation" of Questetra...)

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