Expense Reimbursement Claim; How to make All the Employees to Keep the Deadline 'on Every 5th of the Month'

Monday, April 15, 2013
"Speeding up! Speeding up! Speeding up!"
'Make THIS a Concurrent Processing by multiple persons!'
'Make THIS automated with Conditional Expression instead of visual judgement by human!'

It is not a few cases that to identify the bottleneck of Business Processing and consider about 'Parallel Processing' or 'Automation of Process'. Or it is rather 'a mainstream'. In many businesses, it is desirable That a series of the processing be completed quickly.

In the other hand,,, there are some processes to be retained on its way intentionally. To give a typical example, it is "Expense Claim flow".
That is, it does not matter the time between starting to write the claim and submitting the claim. It is okay if the claim would be submitted before the deadline.

So, how could you make all the employees to submit the claim until every 5th of the month?

[Expense Claim flow]

[Expense Claim flow: "1. Claim the Expense" screen]

[My Tasks]

The scheme no.1, is to set the deadline date and time. Well, although it is too natural to call it a scheme, it is important to register strictly in the Workflow System.
  • Email notification will be sent when the deadline approaching, if it is a 'Workflow of nowadays'.
  • Alerts will be shown in the display of the Tasks list, if it is a 'Workflow of nowadays'.

In the Business Process definition above, the claim Task will be allocated to every employee at 9:00 in the morning of every first day of the month. And at the same time, the submission deadline will be set to "15:00 of the 5th of the next month". Many of permanent employees will keep it retained in "My Tasks" approximately 35 days. This means that employees will add each time they make a payment.

And the "deadline compliance rate" will rise by leaps and bounds compared to claim in the paper.
Aggregating with my selfish impressive value, it seems to be improved up to about 95% in every company, even companies of about 50% compliance rate.

The scheme no.2,,, well, what should I do? Yes, I want to reduce the 'remaining 5%'...
This is controversial. There is a prevailing opinion that "to disable the claim after the deadline". It will be easy with the Workflow of nowadays. However, employees who were late to submit might have had "unavoidable circumstances". Or, they didn't even know the reimbursement system.

Even though there may be various opinions, I would like to suggest you to do a "direct instruction" in this article.
It is also quite suspicious because it is too analog fashioned to call this "a scheme" as well, but it is just "5%" of it. It is not the example of the Aesop fable (fairy tale) of "The North Wind and The Sun", it may be better to appeal to the inner surface of the employees in the long run. (It is described as its precept "You can get a great effect in the end in trying to do something slowly and steadily, than doing quickly and wildly" in Wikipedia Japan.)

Even though to say simply 'direct instruction', you will be in trouble if the person was far away or was tending to be out.
That's right! That is what 'In-house SNS' is for. And of course, I definitely recommend you Questetra, the Workflow which is standardly equipped In-house SNS feature. With Questetra, it is possible to send a "message which associated with the business data". Furthermore, you will find it easy to induce gently with a "sticker". Internal communications will become smooth, deadline excess really will decrease. I do want you to try the free version.

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