Isn't it a "Process" leading to SFA Deal Registration that is Important?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
In most of SFA (Sales force Automation), "Deal data" is registered.

The status of each deal is visualized, and the "Future Orders" can be foreseen in good accuracy. Specifically, the negotiating price and orders accuracy such as '20%/ 80%/ 100%', will be registered. The definition of "Deal" to be registered is various depending on Companies.

'This gonna be a 'deal' soon, but...'

However, this "determination of to be registered or not" is quite tricky. Some Sales people aggressively register deals in "the level of yet just talking", and others register when the deal 'the orders comes in sight'.

The Boss would say, "All of them! Register all of them!"

The following Business Process is a little bit different in approach to activity records.
Here, instead of "the point of view of deals", it records the sales history in "the point of view of the talks (contacts)". Don't need special 'determination', just register day-to day talking activities. Recording when finish talking (on the way back) on visiting or on the phone or meeting over the Internet. I might call it 'Daily Report of Sales'. It is also good to name this business process 'Visit Report flow', for companies which their sales are based on visiting.

[Talks Report flow for Visualizing Opportunity]

[Talks Report flow for Visualizing Opportunity: '1. Talk Registration' screen]

You will find if you have a closer look at the Business Flow Diagram, it is assumed that 'Sales Activities' will be managed in the following classification
  1. Stage of not a clear deal opportunity.
  2. Stage of a clear deal opportunity.

That is, when the deal opportunity becomes clear, it switches to a system that manages the status of the deal as well as most SFA. In this sample, it manages the activities before the submission of a quote as "in the point of view of Talks (contacts)", and after the initial quote has submitted, switches to 'deal management process'.

You will find in actual operation, that anyone can analysis the time which took from a lead to negotiation (the initial quote). Needless to say, this is extremely important data for each salesman and for the company.


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