How to Design a Workflow Chart of decision making by the Boss and Their Boss: part 2

Monday, March 25, 2013
To get the approval by the "Boss", and furthermore to get the approval by "Boss of the Boss".
I have introduced you the method of two-step approval in "How to Design a Workflow Chart of decision making by the Boss and Their Boss". An approval flow that is probable also other than decision making. This time, I would like to introduce you another way of drawing on the Business flow of the last week.

In the Workflow chart below, the second Swimlane is set "Boss of the Requester" (relative specification), not "Manager" (absolute specification by the positions).
By this setting, the Task of [2. Approval] will be allocated to the Boss of the organization that the Requester belongs. That is, in a Organization of "two Directors (officer), ten Managers, fifty Members", if "a Member" requests for approval, a Manager will approve it. If a Manager requests for approval, a Director will approve it.

[Approval flow (relative representation)]

[Approval flow (relative representation): "1. Request for Approval" screen]

In the Workflow chart which I introduced you last time, when someone in the position of "Manager" requests for approval, him/herself must process the Task of [1. Request for Approval] and [2. Manager's Approval] consecutively. But in this Workflow chart, the Task a Manager must process is only [Requests for approval], and the Task goes to the Director.

[Approval flow (absolute representation 1)]

However, in order to realize this rule, the "Manager" must be configured both of "as a member" and "as a leader of the team" in affiliation setting of the Organization setting. With this setting, the "Manager's" Task will be "to request for approval as a Member of the Department". Incidentally for the Directors, they have to handle Task [2. Approval] and [3. Approval]. However, there is no need to send the Task to [3. Approval] that has processed at Task [2. approval].

'Now, this will make the Directors confused...'
After all, for the "Organization with a variation in depth" their Business rule cannot be described simply in anyhow. In fact, the statement of Regulations itself, we cannot help describing the exception that "as a general rule, with the approval by Manager, Director will make the final decision". In addition, a variety of ways of drawing Workflow chart can be considered as well as the last time (absolute representation 1) and the above (relative representation). Each company needs to consider and select "which description is easy to operate without misunderstanding" in accordance with the actual situation of their own.

[Approval flow (absolute representation 2)]

[Approval flow (separate the request of the Manager)]

By the way a little intricate speaking, BPMN as a specification, do not have a strict definition for "swimlane". In other words, the behavior varies depending on BPMS operating the BPMN. Need to be careful. (Especially, there are various opinions for the concept of "Retained Familia (processing by expert)" .)

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