How to Design a Workflow Chart of Approval Request by the Boss and Their Boss

Monday, March 18, 2013
One President, two Directors (officer), ten Managers, fifty members. It is indeed probable organizational structure.

Suppose ten person among these 'fifty members' have been assigned directly under the Directors. Specifically, suppose an Organization of
  • People who belong directly to the Departments that two Directors supervise each, is "2 times 5".
  • People who belong to 'Team' that Ten Managers supervise, is "10 times 4".
A 'Team' itself belongs to a Department, of course. More specifically, a case that some Teams are affiliated to the Sales Department, and the Sales Director itself leads directly five members on administration work, and some Teams are affiliated to the Manufacturing Department, and the Manufacturing Director itself leads directly five members on quality control work.

Characteristic of this organizational structure is that it has a "scatter in depth." It is really probable.
Well, in such case of "Organization with a variation in depth", how should the Approval Request flow be described in Workflow chart? We would like to think of how to write in accordance with international standard notation BPMN. The most controversial point is how to describe the in-house rule that "as a general rule, with the approval by Manager, Director will make the final decision". That is, there is no Manager for the "2 times 5" in this Organization.

[Approval flow (absolute representation 1)]

The simplest way of drawing is to consider that the Director concurrently serving as Manager". That is, to consider "five members who are led by the Sales Director itself" as "Sales Administration Team". It is good to say that treat the organization as if there is no scattering in depth.
In this case, all the requests follow the flow of [1. Application] > [2. Manager's Approval] >. Even though it is not big effort, the Director must handle the Task [2. Manager's Approval] and [3. Director's Approval] sequentially, if you bring this BPMN into operation.
By the way, applying this concept, it is simple to consider "a case that the manager wants to request". That is, a Manager makes a [1. Request for Approval] as a Member, then give a [2. Manager's Approval] by itself as the Manager, and then ask [3. Director's Approval].

Note that, is "sales department" is an "Organization", but "Managers" is not an "Organization". "Managers" is a group that should be defined in "Role". In this Workflow chart, Every each member will be approved by the Manager of "Organization that the member belongs" or of "Parent Organization".
Please see the following for more specific procedure of setting in Questetra BPM Suite.

[Rule] To Setup Business Rule to Allocate Tasks to Users Group which Does Not Appear in Hierarchy

Next week, I am going to introduce how to write a business flow diagrams using a relative relation.

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