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Monday, March 4, 2013
There are many types of "off".
What is "Vacation"?
What is "Leave"?

Request for "leave" is an important application that concerns to salary, but in the other hand it is troublesome that you have to read-back "the work rules" or to look for the format of the "application". You want to make it smoother.

The following Workflow is "Leave Request flow" which can be used by a lot of companies.
You do not have to care such as "difference between annual leave and special leave" or "difference between compensatory day off and Substitute holiday". Except the "obvious holidays" like Saturday and Sunday, you can freely request for leave of vacation. Furthermore, every time you see the screen of application, you can learn that "Oh yeah, I can also make request from here when I request parental leave".

[Leave Request flow]

[Leave Request flow: "1. Vacation/Work on a holiday Application" screen]

This Workflow definition (Business Process) is excellent to the point that requests related presence and absence are grouped in the applicant's point of view.

As a matter of fact Many people don't really know the actual system of his own company. Only few people can answer the question that "what is the difference between substitute holiday and annual holiday (paid) and Special holiday (paid) and Special holiday (unpaid) and absence (unpaid)". However, it is nonsense to spend the time on in-house training just to teach the difference between "application for substitute holiday" and "application for work on the holiday and a compensatory day off".

Speaking in details, there are two types of "working on holidays" that is "day off by changing the work day" and "worked on the holiday then take a day off for compensatory of it". There is the difference of "extra pay" which workers do not care while they are working. (In case of the company that defines holiday substitute systems in the work rules)

By the way, some companies allow "in the cases that cannot request in advance for unavoidable reasons such as disease, disaster or others, it is possible to seek ex-post-facto approval". But there will be a lot of troubles if the application delays. At worst, a stupid work of managing "the list of unapplied" may occur.
One should request right at the moment when the absence become for sure. (With the Cloud-based Workflow "Questetra", you can do it by yourself if you can use a Smartphone.)

Though, it would be good that a proxy application by the Boss or colleague seeking a request from the applicant, if the applicant cannot apply immediately because of "car accident" or "bereavement". Proxy application is also considered in this Workflow. If there are any mistakes in the processing content, it would be fixed in the "Processing Confirmation", a check step of the person.


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