A Blank Email Starts a Business Process

Monday, February 25, 2013
"Blank Emails" are still in active service.
Even today, they use it for various occasions such as "mail membership recruitment", "application of the gift campaign" or "Issuing coupon". In a peculiar case, they use it for "notification of out of paper of the MFP" in some companies

The following is a simple business process of "a Workflow starts with email receiving". You can manage a series of work after receiving an email in status. It may be applied to various businesses with a small enhancement.
In this sample, a flow of the followings is defined; (1), auto replying a thank you email, (2), qualifying the applicant, (3), registering the applicant to the list. As a matter of course, it is also good to describe an HTML to induce to the registration site.

[Email Registration flow]

[Email Registration flow: "1. Registration Approval" screen]

By the way, you might want to connect this flow automatically to "following lead flow" when increasing registrations that are needed support by the Sales force. In such a case, you would better automate the connection between business processes. Connect Workflows with placing an intermediate event for HTTP communication. It is not only to lead to a large labor saving, but also can prevent operation errors.

In addition, you can build these structures for free by using Questetra BPM suite. However, in order to prevent a large amount of processes would unintentionally be started by runaway of the external system or misconfiguration, there is a system limit of "100 process starts in 15 minutes". Please be careful about it.

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