How to Handle Fax Orders Only on Cloud

Monday, February 4, 2013
Rows of fax machines...
I often watched TV shows accepting fax from viewers years ago. Rather on Twitter, recently? However, the fax still is a means of communication yet active. It is used in various scenes such as Mail-Order reception, interaction of drawings specifications with business partners.

The following is a "Fax Order reception flow" for a mail-order retailer of small organization. The business process starts by "Fax Order" from the consumer saw the product catalog or product pamphlet. It is really great to receive fax orders from customers on "Internet fax". The receiving fax is converted to a PDF by the Internet FAX provider, and transferred to the Workflow system as an email attachment. Then the Workflow system triggers a process to start by the email. And you can't miss the point that part of the process is fully automated. That is, it is configured to automatically generate a document of "Guidance of payment", and a statement of "Guidance of items expected arrival", within the workflow system.

[Fax Order handling flow]

Now, you would better call this a "Fax Order Management System". In addition, if you're dealing with by a team of five staffs or less, you can operate this "Fax Order Management System " for completely free using free version Questetra.

By the way, recently "Internet FAX" seems to show upsurge. I have heard in the news that Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT), the largest in Japan, starts the Cloud service. With cloud computing the fax reception, you will be able to see it even from a remote location. This is really convenient. We Questetra are using eFax in cooperation with Questetra BPM Suite, the fax will be delivered to the person who needs it as digital data. It is really convenient for Smartphone users.

Incidentally, "Obligation of Document Storage" for Taxation law and for Company law will vary not only by country institution, also by depending on the business type and order quantity. For digital files as "trails", it may be necessary to check with the experts.

[Fax Order handling flow '1. Image Extraction' screen]

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