Workflow to Propose a Travel that was Questioned on 'National Center Test for University Admissions'

Monday, January 28, 2013
There was a question about "Workflow" on Admission exam for University in Japan. Of all tests, it was on 'National Center Test for University Admissions' which 550 thousand people would take!
In the question sentence, appears a travel agency which conduct business to act "reservations for transportation and hotel that needed to travel" for customers at the request. In the following "Workflow Diagram", the Business in the question is described in BPMN.

By the way according to the question sentence, the reason why the "Travel agency B" has established the Workflow is, to "the work of employees would go smoothly by clearly defined work procedures of the business than ever before". To grownups who have lost the hearts of the improvement in the midst of reality that does not go smoothly, I want you to challenge by all means. (20 min time limit)

[Proposing Business of Agency B]

The question in the exam, (as a matter of course) never asks "the ideal form of business" nor "Business sense". The most questions are mathematical issues that to calculate "Number of Outcomes". Therefore, many parts of the details of the business are not clear. The above Workflow diagram in BPMN, I have added information by my selfish delusion about contents that are not clear in the question.

  • The person in charge would notify to the customer about the completion of the reservation for transportation and hotel in somehow.
  • The Accounting would confirm the payment from the customers.

Now, I want you to be modest not to jeer as silly adults, saying 'Quote should be submitted usually', 'It's a superior's approval task of discount estimate that is hot' or 'Delinquent payment is the key point'.

By the way in the question sentence, the 'Travel agency B' would introduce a "Business Record system" and would "record the progress of the work electronically". For myself who is developing a Workflow system, it makes me very emotional. That is, it is an epoch of even high school students to think about "company's Workflow". At least in my school days, I have not even heard of such a word "System" or "Workflow". The evolution of IT leads to educate the importance of information systems to even high school students...

... Well, I have been writing a little exaggerated so far, but telling the truth, almost of the candidates did not see this question. That is because this was questioned in the subject of "Basic information technology", which only a small number of candidates would select from multiple choices in "Mathematics (2)". Most of the candidates selected "Mathematics II and Mathematics B", so only less than 1000 candidates in 550 thousand challenged this subject actually. So I would like to suggest you not to try talking to a high school in your relatives speaking 'Did you solve that question?' It will not become a nice chatting.

[Proposing Business of Agency B: "1. Planning and Proposing" screen]

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