On the 'Cloud-based Workflow', Quick Response to Complaints

Monday, January 21, 2013
Complaints should be responded quickly.
In fact, it is often spoken in complaint handling operation, 'in the middle of the complaints, lies opportunities'. You may even get more reliabilities by how you handled them.

The following Workflow, is a "Complaint Handling operation" that corresponding to complaints which come in by email and Web form by email (and others). It is assumed a company which has no dedicating section of complaint handling, and 'reply sentence' will be written by personnel of various sections. When you operate this Workflow in the Cloud-based Workflow, Questetra BPM Suite, you can grasp 'what complaint is coming in' and 'what complaint had been coming in' at anytime from anywhere.

* BPM: Business Process Management

[Complaint handling flow]

[Complaint handling flow '2a. <Urgent> Sentence Answering to Complaint']

A special note of this Workflow definition is, the point that the 'texts of apology' have been set as a template of reply. Maintenance of this wording template is a very sober activity, but it is also a very important duty of know-how inheriting. In fact, we found the reason for the delay in reply to complaint, in many cases, that they simply had been wondering how to 'express their apology'. It's a really wasteful story that despite you have found "cause of trouble" or "bug work around" so soon, but you cannot deliver report email to the complaint immediately.

By the way, as you see by looking at the Business Chart carefully, the text template will not be set when "General Query" is selected, neither "Complain" nor "Complaint in Urgent Reply" in the column of "Query type". Those who have been designated as the person in charge of the respondent must answer in free format.

------ Automatically set Reply Sentence Template (Service Task)


We are very sorry for your inconvenience, Mr/Ms.#{data['Name']}.

We have investigated ●●● which you queried us, and have verified the failure of ●●● in the condition of ●●●.
The followings are our report about the details.

★★★ Regarding to ●●● of your query, we are under investigation with full force, now. Soon as we found the cause of the defect, we will contact you again. We are sorry. We would appreciate your patience.

< A. Content of your query (summary)>

<B. The results of investigation of the failure>
- B1. Occurrence Date
- B2. What had occurred
- B3. Cause of the failure

<C. Work around, Recovery>

Thank you for giving us your valuable information.
We will strive to improve the quality further.

Best Regards.
#{data['Respondent']} 075-205-5007

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