Information to be Announced, Managed with the Cloud-based Workflow

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
"Announcement of the new service", "Occurring of failure", "Occurring of conflict"...
Information disclosure duties that require both of "swiftness" and "accuracy" is tough. Nowadays like IT terminal has evolved, "timely disclosure" is essential, not only to investors, but also customers, suppliers, employees... to all of your stakeholders. In other words, if you can not spread the fact widely and quickly, you will not win the trust as an enterprise. Speaking further, it does not matter "Listed company or not" or "size of the organization." Neither the distinction of "administrative or private". In reality, the organization which rarely updated content of their website, such as the News or Information, they can not get the endorsement.

Traditionally, "information" of this kind are classified as, [1] the determined fact (endogenous), [2] the occurred fact (extrinsic), [3] the statement of accounts.
In any of these "", it will be important how much you can gather inside company information. Through the "Information Disclosure process"Those information will be selected and eliminated, will be considered about the announcement whether necessary, and the content, and the date of the announcement, and eventually some of which would be announced.

As the theory of the "business process management", you should better to start the development of information disclosure process, with [1] endogenous the determined fact.

[Information Disclosure flow]

[Information Disclosure flow: '2. Drafting of a statement' screen]

Noteworthy of this business definition example (business processes example) is the point that the procedure in "urgent announcement" and "normal announcement" are different. That is, on the normal flow of information announcement, processing go to "in series" as "1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5 → 6", whereas when the schedule is tight, "4b. translation in draft stage]e" task will be undertaken preceding.

Incidentally, it is not realistic to create at one bound the "information disclosure process that covers all of the information" you should pursue.
For example, "risk determination" which would come out at "[2] the extrinsic occurred fact" will be pretty tricky... Also, in an attempt to reference other companies' examples or a workflow template, the risks will be greatly different depending on the company.

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