Activity Report of Route Sales is a "Business Flow"! How to Write it?

Monday, March 11, 2013
Sales activities are what "The source of earning" of a company.

Those Sales activities are simply categorized into sales against (a) "new customer" and (b) "sales against existing customer". Sales activity for (a) is sometimes called "walk-in sales" or "Cold calling and visit", and also sales activity for (b) is sometimes called "route sales".

The following Workflow chart represents daily business reports for "route sales". The important point is, it is in serial report type, not in daily report type. This can be used by in a wide variety of industries such as building materials, food and beverage products, temporary staffing services.
After the visit, "the salesperson" inputs the visit record mostly with a Smartphone. That is, to select visited company name, and to record about 'products that is inquired about (occurrence of a topic)' or 'product that requested a quote (occurrence of opportunity)', etc.. If the most of sales member have a "habit to report immediately after the visit", naturally the number of visits will be visualized in real time. Speaking in supervisor's point of view, performance status of marketing strategy (the situation of the fight) will be able to understand in detail. By analyzing the visit record and contracts record occasionally, the ideal situation about staffing and a new sales strategy, would also come into view.

[Route Sales Report flow]

[Route Sales Report flow: "1. Visiting Record" screen]

There are only two characters appear in this visit reporting process, "salesperson" and "sales chief". For example, a component of 100 'salespersons' and 20 'sales chiefs'. In that case, a "sales chief" does [2. Advise] against his/her man (about 5 people).

When introducing this system, it is better to set the Data Viewer Authorization wider. That is, not only for the Sales executive, also for at least Sales chiefs should be given the authorization to browse 'Sales data' that flows on this Workflow.
Indeed, advices to a salesperson will be given by the direct supervisor, but in some cases, advices should be given by the Sales executives or by chief of another unit. Even though it is not defined in the work procedures, but I would like to recommend "In-house SNS" for those advices. (Questetra is standardly equipped the In-house SNS feature!)
The Sales executive for example, can originate timely advice which is associated to "sales data" any time on In-house SNS.

In addition, the "list of companies to visit" used here should be maintained on a regular basis frequency of about a weekly (depends on the industries)

There are "two especially superb points" in this Workflow, from the perspective of Workflow configuration (or BPMN).
First, the point that is capable to input visiting schedule in advance. Each of salesperson can reduce entries with Smartphone by inputting information about the visit in advance at Task [0. Visiting Schedule]. Moreover, it helps appointment management because the [Visiting Date-time] becomes the deadline.
Second, it is the [2. Advise] Task of Sales chief. As known as "timed process", the [2. Advise] Task itself will end automatically (One of the separated token will self-destruct) at the noon of the next day of the visit. It prevents a lot of [2. Advise] Tasks to be retained when the chief had no time to give advice.

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