Expense Claim, Monthly Auto-Start, PDF Auto-Generation

Monday, July 1, 2013
When you talk about Workflow, it is Expense Claim.

For a business person, claiming the expenses is quite cumbersome. Although, only you have to do is to steadily input every time it comes out such as travel expense, entertainment expense, so on and on...

In the following workflow, a Process will be started 1st day of each month.
That is, to be allocated a Task of 'Expense Claim of this Month' to all the employees. The deadline is the end of that month. It is as if 'handing out an Expense Claim form paper on the first day of the month' in the real world. After that, employees input expense data each on occasion and save it. The Process will not go forward. And when it comes to the end of the month, and all input is completed, click on the [Claim] button.
The rest of the process is clear at a glance over the flow diagram. It must be approved at [2. Supervisor's Approval] and [3. Accounting's Approval]. If there are correction needed, Task of [1a. Correction and reclaim] as referring back will occur.

By the way, this Business Process is defined to create PDF file automatically after the claim has been approved. The Workflow product (BPM product) must be capable of outputting PDF using business data.

* Of course, we strongly recommend you Questetra BPM Suite.

[Expense Claim Workflow]

[Expense Claim Workflow: '1. Input Expense/ Claim']

[Auto-generated PDF]

The mechanism of the Questetra's PDF auto-generation function is to insert 'input data' or 'aggregation data' into the designed template. To make templates, we use Adobe's "fillable PDF forms". As you will see when you download, import and try this Process definition, you can beautifully layout on even single cell of the table.

By the way, you must be careful about the quantity of data if you print out business data on paper.
That is, like they say 'Due to space limitations', the paper format must have been assumed the maximum value of the quantity of data (number of the records). This Expense Claim Workflow is configured that, one sheet of paper for 'claim less than 50 items', two sheets for '50 to 100 items', and three for '100 to 150'.

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