Contract, leave the 'Word File' for sure!

Monday, July 22, 2013
Talking about Business Record, 'in the paper' is the standard.

A variety of information will be recorded in the paper such as 'Invoices', 'Orders', 'Contracts' or 'Meeting minutes' and so on. The basic idea about this is mostly from medieval or Roman era. The point is wanting to leave a proof.

However, managing the paper is not easy.
First of all, 'information searchability' is quite low. Moreover, almost impossible 'to share information'.
  • 'Do you remember the date I mailed that contract document?'
  • 'Is anybody sure if somebody has sent the order form?'

21st century, information terminal has become extremely popular. We must change the idea of 'leaving proof is just enough!' to 'To record the business data in a form that is easy to utilize'. We need to promote the digitization / electromagnetic recording, even a little bit.

The following is a workflow that attempting to record the "postal shipped from the company" electromagnetically, even a little.
It is focused on to record exactly the original digital data and processed time, instead of to making a copy with the copy machine and closing it to the binder. In case the document requires a signature, you can add 'scanned data'.

[Signature/Mailing flow]

[Signature/Mailing flow:'1. Request of Signature/Mailing' screen]

In this Business Process, a digital file of the document to be mailed is registered at the Task [1. Request of Signature/Mailing].
And staffs of Management department will mail them centrally at the Task [2. Processing on Request]. With company seal if necessary, in that case scan the signed document, and register additionally as data. And the time when the document is enclosed, the Task of [2. Processing on Request] will be cleared.

As the result, all the documents to be mailed to outside of the company will be recorded electromagnetically with the date and time. And the worker who made the request can see the progress of processing anytime as 'tracking information.'

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