"Add Log" of Personal Information is Very Important!

Monday, July 29, 2013
I want to collect "customer data" only...

Workflow of Web lead handling, Inquiry handling, Outing report flow (Business card exchange)... 'Prospective Customer Information' is being collected in various operations in a company. Hopefully, it should be managed centrally. (Basic data for CRM activities)

The following is a Workflow only for managing Prospective Customer Information.
It is assumed to be transmitted such as 'Zip code', 'Country', 'Organization', 'Position', 'Name', 'Email Address' as main data, and 'email delivery agreement' (flag), 'prospectivity' (rating).

You can say this is 'Usage like a Database'.
But you should be careful that there is only adding of data one after another, it is not focused on "updating" or "Deleting". That means, you will need some kind of scheme when utilizing the accumulated data, such as narrowing down by the date or by the operator.
As well as it is an idea that will be required for utilizing so-called 'Big Data', there are many cases that you should give the priority to "adding" new information, and suppress the cost for "updating" and "deleting". Speaking specifically, you should not use "business card information of more than three years ago", unless you have to.

[Customer Data Collection]

[Customer Data Collection: '1. Format Check or Cancel' screen]

By the way, the excellence of this Workflow is the point that is managing prospective customers whom Sales personnel should respond, in the Task instead of 'Process data' (Artifact attribute). The members of Sales department should simply approach customers whom they are inspired that they can make it, by browsing customer information which is staying in the Task [2. Sales Responding].

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