Retain the "Shipping Record" of the Contract Exactly!

Monday, August 5, 2013
The 'Shipping Record of the Contract document' is not retained as you expected.
'When it was shipped?', 'Who did that?', 'What was enclosed with?'.
Unexpectedly, there is not although they are important somehow. Although communication record of the FAX or mail exist in its own way...

The following is a Workflow for processing shipping of 'Contract document, etc.'. What seems to be excellence of this Workflow, is the step of confirmation by phone call if it is surely delivered or not, in case of especially important contract. It reduces the risk of blocking the communication for 'contract' that is seriously important for B2B. Moreover, the auto-generation of 'Cover Sheet' is also excellent. Using a windowed envelope, you will not have to type the address and the name of the recipient on the envelope. It will not only lowers the shipping labor cost, it also prevents misdelivery. Hmm, it's quite convenient.

[Signature-Shipment flow-Cover Sheet generation]

[Signature-Shipment flow-Cover Sheet generation:'' screen]

Indeed, nobody would be interested in Contract document unless a trouble had happened. You will not even think about opening a thick ring binder. There, a large amount of "NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)" and "Basic Agreement" just as of the template are asleep.

However, like companies that handle Music or software, should better have been ready to refer the contracts related to 'Copyrights' at anytime. And, companies of construction or real estate should have been ready to refer the contracts of 'Undertaking'. At least you should better build an information management system to avoid a fruitless discussion that 'have sent' - 'not received' the Contract document.
By the way, it is also a good idea to add some data items like 'Contract expiration date' for some companies. Doing so, you will be able to use them to narrowing filter to search for contracts.

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