Registry Flow of New Share through Third-party Allotment

Monday, August 12, 2013
Precisely establish "daily work procedures", and rotate it efficiently and with fun.
"Decision-making", "Drafting", "Complaint handling"... through a Workflow system, you can proceed the work efficiently and without missing.

On the other hand, it is also quite important to establish "unusual operating procedure " precisely.
It is good especially that processings of business will be automatically recorded. You can see when and which document it was (is) processed. The operational efficiency of the successor will be improved dramatically, if reusing past data become available.

In the following Workflow definition, administrative procedures of "issuance of new shares to a third party allocation" (fund procurement) have defined.
It occurs frequently in venture businesses. Even it is not bad that you would leave it to the "judicial scrivener" every time, but you can save several tens of thousand JPY the "judicial scrivener fees" of each time, if you can handle it by yourself, including the administrative registration to the Legal Affairs Bureau. Moreover, when you get used to registration itself, you'll be able to do registration of the "Share Option issuance" and"Reappointment of officer" of each year, by yourself!

[Share issuance Procedure flow]

[Share issuance Procedure flow: '' screen]

Won't the 'remarks' by Directors be described in the Board of Directors "Minutes"?
Indeed, originally a Minute is to record 'content of the Explanation' or 'content of speech', but Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and shareholders' meeting minutes for the Legal Affairs Bureau registry have a little different aspect. That is, it is a document only to report to the executive branch, you just write (according to the template) "decisions" only indifferently. The sentences will be for example, "Explained to the effect that want to conduct the issuance of new shares by a particularly advantageous issue price as following. The chairman consulted to the boards, approved this with a unanimous votes in favor." It may be written the outstanding issues and the process of discussion, but you should better make "the real minutes" separately. By the way, it must be written in Japanese because it is the reports for the executive branch.

We Questetra conducted fund procurement.
PRESS: "Questetra: Capital Alliance with APPRESSO in Business Improvement Software" (2013-08-09)

P.S. 2
In accordance with the regulations change, template of application form of the Legal Affairs Bureau (Application for Registration of Change of Corporation) has been changed in March 2013. It is unclear how to describe 'The amount that is not incorporated into the capital'. You will be good enough writing that "I declare that the amount of 50 million yen of stated capital to be increased by the issuance of Shares and the amount 500 million yen of capital reserves have been accounted for in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Corporate Accounting Rules and # 445 of the Companies Act. In this issuance of the Shares, it does not involve the disposal of treasury stock."

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