How to Compare Cloud-based Workflow Products

Monday, August 19, 2013
"Okay, I have completed the introduction of Google Apps!"
"Now, I would like to inspect for Workflows which I can log-in with my Google Apps account!"

Recently, business systems for corporation are 'Cloud-computerized' for sure.
That means, they are shifting to 'pay per use'. Information Technology has come on a same history, just like water service, gas, and electricity. What's remarkable is the diversification and dissemination of SaaS product. It has greatly reduced labor of purchasing software or upgrading. The world has become convenient, indeed.

  • Cloud-based Groupware (Email + Calendar + ...)/ Office Suite (Wordprocessor + Spreadsheet + ...): Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365、IBM SmarterCloud (former LotusLive), so on...
  • Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Synergy!, ZOHO CRM, so on...
  • Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): AP, Oracle, NetSuite, so on...

"Okay, testing environment for Workflow is ready!"
"Now, let it flow actual business data (jobs), and see how good it is!"

People tend to testing by flowing 'meaningless test data' on a 'meaningless Workflow'. But it won't make you feel real. It won't provide worthy evaluation. You will lose the chance to test the functions which you would need in actual operation, like 'I think I need a remark written here...'

The following is a business template, 'Suggestion-box flow', which is despite (1) a Workflow that does not exist so much (so, not overlapping), (2) will make you feel real, and (3) might be good to continue to use even in the actual operation by chance. An idea of new business might be suggested.

[Suggestion-box flow]

[Suggestion-box flow: '2b. Reply' screen]

Cloud-computerizing is accelerating day by day. Now, many fields of business system are going to Cloud, as well as 'Group wares' and 'office Suites'. Field of Workflow is as well.

The peculiarity of the Workflow field is "Differences in functionality", which is, from those just a simple linear approval feature, to BPM products that support complex Workflow or business improvement. You ought to apply this 'Suggestion-box flow' to compare Workflow products. There are three reasons as follows. Each has a meaning that you will "experience" with a sense of reality. By all means, I want you to try.
  • Every employee can check if they can Start or post smoothly. (User interface)
  • You can see and consider over the functional level of data viewing authorization. (Complexity level of the data model)
  • You can experience flow control such as reworking or conditional split. (Complexity level of the flow model)

By the way, Cloud-based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite" is one of the Workflows you can try out for free, as well. Referring to the following manuals, you will be able to log in to your Google Apps account immediately.

* Customers Story (Questetra BPM Suite) : Sansan, Inc.
* Customers Story (Google Apps) : JTB Group

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