Automatic Backup to Google Drive!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
There is not a few people whose business is to write "Proposals".

A Sales person in IT industry, a planner in ad agency, a consultant for government, etc., etc.... Those proposal writers would tend to be a 'lone wolf'. That means their writings could be hardly accumulated as 'know-how' and would have less reusability.
Even if a rule to 'backup in the file server' is given, it will not lead to Centralized management just because of a reason: 'CUMBERSOME'. Most of these proposal files profoundly slumber in some folder on someone's personal computer. These files should have been shared with everybody.

The following Workflow is defined an activity of 'reading somebody else's Proposal', as a 'Task'.
In this sample, the writer registers Presentation materials which he/she think to him/herself that 'I did a good job'. Then two of the coworkers who are designated will read it. And at the same time, the file is backed up to the specified folder in Google Apps, the online storage on Cloud. (e.g. "Proposal for New customers", "Proposal for Existing customers", "Template/ Others")

[Proposal Reviewing-Sharing flow]

[Proposal Reviewing-Sharing flow: '1. Registration' screen]

When you implement this Workflow to daily Proposal writing work, all the 'Proposals In-house' will be accumulated neatly.
But it is not just the all. The number of writings will be visualized, this lets writers to recognize the number of writings each other. And it will motivate them to write, though it is not always the more the better, of course.
In addition, if you add an input item of 'Rating' which does not defined in this sample, the qualities of proposals will be also visualized.

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