A Workflow to Say Goodbye to Postal Billing

Monday, April 9, 2012

Digitalization on office documents has been spreading nowadays, but when it comes to 'bills', many companies still are sending them by postal service. It is true that there are some clients who require to be sent by postal, but we believe number of companies want to digitalized also on bills.

(Well, 10 years later? I say 5 years (!) to paper bills to be extinct.)

In the following Workflow sample, only from 'bill issuance' to 'Payment confirmation' are defined to Workflow. It is a Hybrid type of "postal send" and "Email send" so that you can choose according to the bill.

Anyone can check the progress and the result at anytime.

[Bills to Payment flow]

Format of the invoice will be different according to the companies to send. "Excel file of the invoice itself" and "PDF file of scanning printed and signed the Excel file of the invoice" are assumed for the format of invoice to be sent automatically from this Workflow .

[Bills to Payment flow : "2. Check Excel Data of Invoice (Inquire to Sales staff if necessary)"]

[Email setting screen]

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