Posting Routine for 'Official Facebook Page'

Monday, April 23, 2012
When it comes to duties such as 'Facebook marketing', for example, I don't want spare any time to make Operating rules separately. The time I finish making the Operating Manual, the spec of Facebook might have been changed. Just give up Business rules or Manuals filled with words, you'd rather regard a Workflow diagram (BPMN) as business rule. You can bring it running right now. (That will also reduce the time for Boards meeting.)

By the way, posting to 'Official Facebook Page' can be done by email. With a setting of automatic email sending in the middle of the Workflow, the article through the "necessary procedures" will be automatically posted without misses. (Can attach Images as well!)

[Facebook Page Posting flow]

The point that this workflow should be evaluated is to allow all the employees to register their materials. Not only the official topics, also funny happenings and trash talks in-house will be gathered one after another for 'Nominee of Posting'.(!?!) Marketing personnel would stock those 'materials' and distribute them with controlling its quality and quantity.

Yeah... It sure is important to manage 'Routine work' with good efficiency, but it's also important to do it with joy and amusement. When you stiffly consider 'Business Process Management (BPM)', those words of 'productivity improvement' and 'PDCA Cycle' would spin round in your head. And that might keep you away from BPM. How about starting BPM on business that is not core such as 'Facebook marketing', feeling free and easy.

[Facebook Page Posting flow [2. Calibrating Material] screen]

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