Monthly Update Sales Prospects for "12 Months Ahead"

Monday, April 16, 2012
Monthly tasks to do.
For general employee, it will be submitting Attendance record, applying for Reimbursement of expenses, etc.
In other hand, for the managers of general administration department or sales department, maybe it will be to and so on.

The motivation is high for developing a Workflow on usual monthly processing of Accounting Department or Labor - Personnel Department, because many employees use it.
But, Workflow development on tasks for only few employees such as creating monthly trial balance and updating sales forecast, tend to be put off.

However, the meaning of designing those into Workflow, which make sales management operations into official records is very large. For example, new coming "Data Viewer" such as new coming executive can browse recorded data of business process of the past at any time.

[Sales Prospect Monthly Report flow]

This business process is a mechanism to let sales staff submit "detailed sales prospects of 12 months ahead" in the beginning of every month.
The flow begins with Branch leader's submitting "sales planning (Excel)", the sales manager put them together into forecast of total sales, and eventually report it to executives.

Instead of the sales manager makes up annually Sales goals in the beginning of the year as top-down, Branch staff creates 'Sales prospects' monthly, and the sales manager creates "Sales Forecast" according to the information. As a matter of course, the accuracy of the forecast gets better because it is monthly operation. It would be a very useful data to the budget revisions and IR.

By the way, when the business environment changes such as Disaster, it is also possible to direct the re-submit manually, not limited to "the beginning of the month". (contingency plan) It has a very good taste as a Workflow definition. [Task: 1. Direct to submit of sales prospect]

[Sales Prospect Monthly Report flow : "2a. Update Sales Prospect in Excel" screen]

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